2020 (Spring)              Sawyer Seminar: Sanctuary Spaces Writing Group, UCLA

2019-2020                   New York University, Steinhardt Faculty First-Look Scholars      Program

2019 (Summer)           Gold Shield Alumnae of UCLA Fellowship

2019-2020                   Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship

2019-2020                   University of California Office of the President Award

2019-2020                   UCLA Graduate Division- Dissertation Year Fellowship

2019-2020                   American Association of University Women (AAUW) – Fellowship Dissertation (Declined)

2014-2019                   Cota Robles Fellowship Award

2019-2020                   Institute of American Cultures (IAC) Research Grant

2019 (Summer)           Summer Institute on Global Indigeneities (SIGI)- (Alternate)

2019 (Spring)              Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA) Travel Conference Grant

2019 (Spring)              UCLA American Indian Studies Center Travel Grant

2019 (Spring)              UCLA Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies Travel Grant

2018-2019                   UCLA International Institute Dissertation Fieldwork Fellowship

2018 (Summer)           UCLA Teaching Fellowship Award (Department of Chicana/o Studies)

2018 (Spring)              UCLA Teaching Fellowship Award(Department of Sociology)

2018 (Winter)             UCLA Graduate Division Fellowship

2017 (Summer)           UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Fellowship

2016-2017                   UCLA Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship

2016 (Summer)           UCLA Graduate Dean’s Scholar Award

2016 (Spring)              UCLA Center for the Study of Women Travel Grant

2016 (Spring)              UCLA American Indian Studies Center Travel Grant

2016 (Spring)              UCLA Chicana/o Studies Departmental Travel Grant

2016                            Predoctoral Ford Foundation Fellowship (Honorable Mention)

2015                            Together We Can/ Juntos Podemos

2015 (Summer)           UCLA Graduate Dean’s Scholar Awards

2014 (Summer)          UCLA Graduate Dean’s Scholar Award

2010                            Summer-Foreign Language Arts Scholarship (S-FLAS)

2010                            Tinker Travel Grant

2006                            Hilding A. Tegner L Carl E. Tegner Memorial: Outstanding Award

2006                            Santa Monica Community College Foundation Award

2005                            A.W.A.R.E. Santa Monica College Foundation

2005                            Santa Monica Community College Foundation Award

2005                            Santa Monica Community College Latino Center/Adelante Program Scholarship

Leadership Awards:

2006                            Dean of Student Life and Judicial AffairsRecognition Award. Santa Monica College

2006                            Chair and Vice-Chair Inter-Club Council. Santa Monica College Associated Students Leadership Award

2006, 2005, 2004        Association of Latin American Students (ALAS). Santa Monica College Leadership Award

2005                            Santa Monica College Black Collegians Leadership Participation